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In 1987 the company was founded by Heinz Osthoff and Gottfried Berger. In Upper Polling near Mühldorf, high-quality stable equipment, and stable technology were manufactured and distributed. The company name reflected the former orientation of the company.

As early as 1992, there were first orders from the automotive sector, paving the way for joining the car supply companies.

In 1994 the company moved to the newly built company building at the industrial park in Mühhldorf am Inn. In 2003 the company site in Mühldorf was extended with the double storage space.

This was followed in 2004 by the installation of a 50kW photovoltaic system on the roof of the company site.

Already in 2008, the warehouse space was again increased and an automatic warehouse for small parts was built. In 2009 a third expansion of the warehouse took place.

A 124kW photovoltaic system was again installed in 2011, the number of employees was increased by 20% in 2012 and an expansion of the management team took place in 2016.

When we set up our company in 1987, we started with only two people, which at that time generated a turnover of 120,000 DM. Since then it has been a constant uphill climb and we have developed steadily. By joining BMW in 1991, we were able to increase our turnover to 400,000 DM and we now had five employees. Today 65 employees in our medium-sized successful company generate a turnover of around 23 million euros per year.

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