Purchasing management & logistics

The company AgroNorm is mainly concerned with purchasing management and logistics, completions as well as warehouse management and logistics. Packaging development and process management are also part of our expertise. We have a strong focus on the automotive industry, but we are basically active in all industries in which these processes have an important role.

Our services in purchasing management

You can outsource purchasing management and logistics today, here we are your partner. The other areas mentioned are also typical tasks that can often be carried out more efficiently and cost-effectively through outsourcing. Our range of services starts with the acquisition of individual outsourced processes and extends to the acquisition of the entire supply chain or the entire logistics process. In detail we do for you:

  • Management of goods and suppliers
  • Acquisition of worldwide purchasing including pre-financing of goods
  • Lot sizes according to your specifications
  • Purchase of individual pieces and packaging
  • Supplier support
  • Price negotiations

What is important when shopping?

When you buy, your profit starts, we take care of it. We apply standardized processes in the supply chain which lead to high savings. In doing so, we strive for different approaches to strategic purchasing and also in daily purchasing management. Request more information!

In which logistics area can we support you?

Request a quote, we will find the best solution for every individual customer!

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